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A Letter to the Editor(s)   [ 2016-12-03 ]

Here is the letter to the editors that Elea and the Board sent to local media outlets on Friday Dec. 2. The subject is the upsurge of incidents of hateful harassment since election day, and our church’s (and our faith’s) reaction to it.

Upcoming Events and Volunteer Opportunities   [ 2016-11-11 ]

If you look closely at the “navigation” menu on the left-hand side of every page on the site, you will notice a new entry, “This Week.” Below this are “Volunteer Opportunities” and “Upcoming Events.” Check these two pages frequently. They will be updated at least once a week while church is in session. The entries on these two lists are taken from the weekly News, Needs & Opportunities email newsletter. (The Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs – page has moved beneath “About Our Community.”)

Upcoming Events   [ 2016-11-10 ]

Here are this week’s upcoming events at FPCoG:

– Look for the Giving Tree Starting November 26th
– Ritual Of Gratitude And Letting Go
– Time for another Bazaar: November 20th
– First Saturday at First Parish
– ART & Brown Bag Lunch Open Studio Fridays
– Mental Health Working Group Meets: Plan Ahead!


Welcoming Congregation 15th Anniversary Service   [ 2016-10-28 ]

Sunday’s service celebrated 15 years of working towards being a Welcoming Congregation. Here are some photos from the day (4 by Krista Ingram and 36 by Susan Fry), the Order of Service, and the audio from Rev. Kemler’s sermon, “This is the Sound of All of Us.” Also, by popular request: Pat Lawrence’s chalice lighting, audio and transcript.

Meetinghouse Gets New Clock Faces This Wednesday   [ 2016-10-25 ]

There will be some excitement at the Old Groton Meetinghouse this Wednesday, October 26th, starting around 8:00 am, as three huge, eight-foot-diameter clock faces are lifted into place by crane. Also on the agenda: raising up eight new shutters for the bell tower.

Here are photos of the old clock faces coming down (1, 2, 3, 4).

There will likely be some great photo opportunities as with these highly visible steps the Phase 1A Meetinghouse Rehabilitation Project draws to a close.


Jim Moisson’s Chalice Lighting   [ 2016-09-25 ]

Some of you have asked that Jim’s chalice lighting be posted. Here it is.

Words from the Gathering of the Water, 2016   [ 2016-09-11 ]

Every year in September, on the occasion of the first service of the church year, we hold a ceremony called the Gathering of the Water — the beginning of the process of making the holy water we will use throughout the year for many purposes, including blessing infants and sending young adults on their way. Each member of the community brings some water from somewhere their life has taken them over the summer.

We begin the ceremony by pouring some of last year’s holy water into a large vessel. This water contains traces of the water from each year before, stretching back now 17 years. Then each member of the community adds their water to the mix and speaks a single word. As we do every year, we have gathered these words together into a single image (click the link to open a new window). Larger words were spoken more frequently.

For comparison, here are our words from 2015, 2014, 2013, 2011, 2010, 2009, and 2008. (The words for 2012 were, alas, not recorded.)


Big Church Resumes Sept. 11   [ 2016-09-08 ]

Come join us at our school for for compassion, gratitude, and generosity. Please remember to bring some water from your summer travels to help constitute the community’s homemade holy water. (Don’t worry if you forget, there will be water to share.)

Summer Services for 2016   [ 2016-06-20 ]

The summer 2016 schedule is posted. Later this summer we’ll explore balance, listening, and the problem of war; we’ll enjoy the traditional poetry service; and much more. Come join us in the cool of the vestry at 10:00 am!

Barbara Rich's Reading "Just in Case"   [ 2016-06-19 ]

For all those of you who have asked for the poem Barbara Rich read in the service on June 19, here is the audio of Just in Case.

Rev. Kemler's Charge to NowRev Karen G. Johnson   [ 2016-06-09 ]

Karen has posted Elea’s charge on her website. Approach with kleenex in hand.

Minutes from the 2016 Annual Meeting   [ 2016-05-31 ]

The minutes from the annual meeting are available in the Members area. (If you have lost the login credentials, please email the .)

Patrick Hughes’s Chalice Lighting   [ 2016-05-30 ]

Some of you have asked that Patrick’s chalice lighting from the Memorial Day service be posted. Here it is.

Photos from the 2016 Coming of Age Credo Service   [ 2016-05-26 ]

Last Sunday, ten of the youth who have grown up in this community completed their Coming of Age year and explored with us what they believe. Bob Lotz captured the morning in photos. You will find a link to these and other photos from the life of the church in the Members area of this website.

Annual Report Available   [ 2016-05-19 ]

The annual report to the congregation, presented at the annual meeting, is available in the Members area for you to download. (If you have lost the login credentials, please email the .)

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