Old Groton Meetinghouse Project Final Report   [ 2020-12-03 ]

The final financial report of the Old Groton Meetinghouse project 2013-2019 prepared by our Treasurer Paul G. Funch is now available.

This was an expensive, long, and complex project to perform. It successfully restored and rehabilitated the Old Groton Meetinghouse and showed our continuing commitment to the long-term preservation of this iconic and historic structure.

A large number of talented people worked to make it happen. That it was done so well and on budget is due to the enormous volunteer efforts of many of our talented members who care about Buildings and Grounds - Jim Moisson, Allen King, Don Torgersen and Ed O'Rourke combined with three key project contractors - Lynne Spencer from Spencer & Vogt (Lead Architect), Bob Levesque from American Steeple and Tower Co (Phase 1 Master Contractor), and Al Collins of Habitat Advisory Group (Project Manager). It's worth noting that Groton resident Al Collins who cares so deeply about Groton History went well beyond his formal role in this project and he deserves much of the credit for its success. And for raising all the money that was needed, and for always shining a light on the path forward from start to finish, we would like to call out Steve Lieman and June Johnson for their contributions.

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